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January 30, 2018
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Free Download Joe Heinemann Discovery Album (2017)

ArtistJoe Heinemann
Album Discovery
GenresPiano Solo
Number 12
Size43 MB

Joe Heinemann

When you explore, you discover. We artists constantly need to push the boundaries of our creativity. That means opening a door, going in to a new place, not just to survive, but to thrive. If you add to it, lack of conditioning and limited tools and materials, you’re forced to really “Bring It”. “Wing it” won’t do. And if you try to prepare yourself for it, the spirit goes away. And this is solo. No one can help. What seems like an obstacle IS the way.



01- Delight
02- Discovery
03- Standing, Waiting
04- Lonely Road
05- There, Now
06- Sensitiva
07- Old Cathedral
08- Nocturne in F# Major
09- Keep On
10- Rainforest
11- Cobain
12- Lullaby for Marie



Joe Heinemann Discovery (2017)


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