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Free Download Gomer Edwin Evans – Mother & Baby Relaxing Music for Mothers-To-Be (2014)

ArtistGomer Edwin Evans
AlbumMother & Baby Relaxing Music for Mothers-To-Be
Number 10
Size94 MB


Gomer Edwin Evans

Gomer Edwin Evans (* 24. September 1947 in CardiffWales) ist ein walisischer Musiker und Komponist, der heute bei Lübeck in Deutschland lebt.

Evans studied classical guitar and music theory at the Cardiff College of Music at Cardiff Castle (now the Welsh College of Music & Drama ). He plays classical guitar , electric guitar , acoustic guitar , piano , piano accordion , synthesizer , bass guitar , harmonica and flute.

At the age of 19 Evans began to work professionally as a musician and composer. At first he worked as a studio musician . In the 1970s , Evans toured through the US and played mainly in various colleges , mainly folk music . At the end of his US tour, he discovered the street music in New York . Subsequently, he toured as a street musician through Europe . “It was a great way to discover the world” [1] he said it. In 1981, Evans began to compose relaxation music. He has music for TV and cinema as well Songs composed.



Mother & Baby Relaxing Music for Mothers-To-Be

01- Relax and Let Go
02- Enjoying the Recreation
03- Feeling Completely Well
04- Tenderness of the Soul
05- Sweet Feelings for My Baby
06- Being Happy and Pleased
07- Child of Fortune
08- Healing Flow of Harmony
09- Tender Feelings
10- Enjoying the Day in a Harmonious Way


Gomer Edwin Evans – Mother & Baby Relaxing Music for Mothers-To-Be


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