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January 31, 2018
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Free Download Brand X Music Portal Album (2017)

ArtistBrand X Music
Album  Portal
Released 22-02-2017
Number 18
Size49 MB

Brand X Music

Brand X is widely regarded as the premiere music library for motion picture and entertainment advertising. Launched in 2002, Brand X was among the first music libraries specifically designed for the unique needs of movie trailers, television promos and video game trailers. The earliest Brand X pieces were all custom scores for specific movie campaigns, but as time went on, the music became its own project, the tracks their own stories, and the volumes their own art form. We are known for our high-impact compositions and high-end productions that capture the emotive cinematic sound that brings motion pictures to life. Brand X was and still is a composer owned company, and we strive each and every day to make the best music we possibly can. We are very proud of the fact that whether your are enjoying our newest musical creation, or dealing with our top notch sales team, Brand X is a company of caring talented people who’s only goal is to get you the right piece of music to serve your project!


Portal Album


01- Aviate
02- Breathe
03- Challenger
04- Comely
05- Dont Stop Screaming
06- Enigma
07- Fray
08- Going for the One
09- Gravity
10- Hope and Courage
11- Inclination
12- Legacy
13- Patience
14- Skylantis



Brand X Music Portal Album (2017)


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